A 15-part podcast about a lonely occultist, a desperate ghost, and the strange, living house that brought them together.

New episodes every other Friday until Halloween. Listen on your favorite podcast platform (or play directly at the bottom of this post).

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Chapter 1: My Haunted Mother

Chapter 2: The Bedroom Ghost

Chapter 3: Strange Company

Chapter 4: Alone Together

Chapter 5: Phantom Everything

Chapter 6: Centipedes and Smoke

Chapter 7: The Library Garden

Chapter 8: Summoning Air and Fire

Chapter 9: There Isn’t a Spell for This

Chapter 10: The Thing in My Gut

Chapter 11: My Own Shadow

Chapter 12: The Netherhouse

Chapter 13: My Elaborate Death

Chapter 14: Into Oblivion

Chapter 15: Afterdeath

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