Man Dissolved by Fog

A man named Harold Jens was dissolved by fog yesterday morning, shortly after dawn, in the suburbs of Montpelier, VT.

According to witnesses, Mr. Jens was taking his daily walk through the neighborhood when a bank of white fog moved toward him from the end of the cul de sac. Fog was widespread that morning, due to an influx of unseasonably warm air, but was described by locals as “plain old fog” or “thick but I don’t know, just fog”, etc.

Mr. Jens entered the fog wearing a black tracksuit and orange sneakers. Another walker, Debra Lakewood, was half a block away and watched him blur and fade entirely from sight. A minute later, Mr. Jens reemerged, staggering toward Ms. Lakewood and waving his arms as if surrounded by a swarm.

He was covered in fog, which clung to him so densely that he appeared as a pure white, featureless, humanoid body. “He looked like he was made of cloud,” another neighbor said. “I couldn’t see his face or anything. I only knew it was Harold because I could still see his orange sneakers a little.”

Ms. Lakewood reached him and tried to help, but neither she nor Mr. Jens were able to clear the fog away from him. “He couldn’t talk,” she said. “I thought he was suffocating. Whenever he opened his mouth, it was just this gap in his blank face with mist flowing in, like it was rushing down a drain. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know what to do. I guess I started screaming.”

Two more neighbors responded to Ms. Lakewood’s cries and hurried outside to help. Mr. Jens, blind and panicked, ran into the fog before anyone could stop him. His sneakers were seen moving toward an acre of woods at the cul de sac’s end and the neighbors pursued him, fearing he would crash headfirst into the trees. They lost sight of him just as the fog started to disperse.

“The sun broke through and burned it off so fast,” Ms. Lakewood said. “I swore I saw Harold’s shape in the haze, near a green Honda parked at the end of the street, but then he swirled and disappeared with the rest of the fog. Everything was clear in less than half a minute, like Harold and the fog had never even been here.”

Mr. Jens remains missing. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact local authorities or email The Equinox Society.

— report filed by Hank Ridley

Published by

Dennis Mahoney

Secretary of the Equinox Society.